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Ladyboy Tay is a Very Well Hung Schoolgirl!

Written on August 16, 2008

Ladyboy Tay is a Very Well Hung Schoolgirl!Ladyboy Tay is a Very Well Hung Schoolgirl!

The guys at Ladyboy Crush tell me that We were introduced to the very cute Thal Ladyboy Schoolgirl Tay by Golf, a regular model of theirs. Ladyboy Golf brought her over one night and said “Bring her upstairs and see her big cock”. How could they argue with such a simple request? They went upstairs and Tay proceeded to slowly strip off her clothes to reveal her rather large shemale cock. That is not where it ended though. She then pointed at her by then throbbing member and asked their photographer to suck it. Again, how in hell would the lucky guy say no to something like that?

Ladyboy Tay is a Very Well Hung Schoolgirl!

They went on to tell me that during the photosession Tay insisted that their photographer be nude as well! Can you believe that? Either way, Tay is a very sexy Thai Teen that knows exactly what she wants, and knows exactly how to get it! She does not speak any English. But hey, what is the problem with that? When it comes to having a good time – and some great sex Tay doesn’t let that stop her and neither should it stop you.

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